2019 Managers FAQ

Managers FAQ will be updated frequently:

Q: How many substitutes am I allowed in Cup games? 

5 substitution are permitted during cup games (using substitution form, provided by SNS at the field). Unlimited subs at half-time. Re-entry is allowed. 

Q: Who is allowed on the bench during cup games? 

Up to five(5)  team staff are permitted on the bench during cup games. These people must be added to the official roster on your team page. 

Q: What is the duration of play?

Duration of play (regular): 

  • U17s - 2 x 45 minutes 
  • U15s - 2 x 40 minutes 

Extra-Time (only in the Championship Round- Aug 11th)

  • U17’s - 2x15 minutes
  • U15’s - 2x 10 minutes 

Q: Are away goals woth more?

No. There is no advantage for away goals. In the event of a tie in the second leg of any given round, the game will go to kicks from the mark.  SNS staff will assit with this.